The Order of the Rose Series

The Hidden Rose (The Order of the Rose Book 1) 

Secrets, adventure, treasonous plots that threaten a valiant secret order –
Owain was dedicated to three things – Wales, the Order of the Rose, and most of all, his cousin – Elizabeth Tudor. From the moment he met the mysterious Anna Elizabeta, he denied the attraction. Yet when England’s spymaster sends them on a mission, Owain throws caution to the wind and claims her. When she won’t tell him her secrets, Owain rejects her upon their return to court. It takes an act of treason for Owain to realize what was his. To recover Anna, Owain must lead the Roses against a stronghold of the Sons of Scion – the Order’s archenemy.

Secretive, proud and the hope of the Order, Anna Elizabeta finds herself in Elizabeth’s court. Espionage and threats she can handle, but her attraction to Owain and the way he fills her mind isn’t something her training covered. He brings her to life on their mission to Tutbury, prevents her from killing the Scots queen, and then rejects her. Reeling from that, Anna realizes she must make a different path. But plots and treason swirl and with the future in danger, Anna prays that Owain can find her in time.
The hope of the future is theirs – if they dare to hold it.

Reviewed by Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers’ Favorite

The Hidden Rose is a bold start to Abby Gordon’s series of novels centered on The Order of the Rose. This secret organization is destined to protect the monarch of England and their descendants. Seven families made up this organization, while the Sons of Scion desired to remove the monarch and kill the Roses. Three families were attacked, and the assassins killed all, but legend says there is a double Rose still alive to take their rightful place as the leader. As a family member of a Rose, Owain serves as a guard for Queen Elizabeth. The spymaster brings in a bodyguard and gives her access to the Queen’s court, where the men aren’t allowed. Anna’s stealth and weapon knowledge draw Owain’s attention, whereas his strength and determination appeal to Anna. The spymaster’s meddling allows them to face the feelings they have, but the secrets and burdens Anna carries override everything. Is she the hope they have been searching for?

 Abby Gordon writes with the confidence seen in an experienced author. The Hidden Rose is daring, bold, and mesmerizing. Gordon sets the characters up for several medieval romances to follow. I loved the mystique woven within this secret organization, or is it real? The author uses real characters in history with fiction entangled to create a captivating novel. As the story unfolds, the pace quickens to keep the legends alive. With abduction, spies, and honor, this novel takes you to a new world. The author flawlessly captured the different personalities of each character. The men were often oblivious to the needs of their women, while the women were strong and resourceful. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series.