Love in the Shadows

The Submissive’s Touch (Love in the Shadows Book 1)

Losing her family to a drunk driver then discovering a long-lost cousin, Ally is trying to find her balance in NYC’s high society. One kiss from Ally, one touch from her, and JW feels peace, centered, but he’s about to leave on secret orders. Taking control of her life, Ally does something radically different that brings her back into JW’s life. Resisting the attraction, JW walks away. Until his life turns upside-down and only The Submissive’s Touch can make him whole again.

Fall of Adonis (Love in the Shadows Book 2)

After a night of flirting and steamy innuendos, club waitress Pippa Sheldon is ready to turn the heat up even if it means her job. PR handler to the stars Tony Henderson resists the temptation. For two weeks, Tony and Pippa fantasize about that night and what might have been. With an early winter storm about to hit, Tony returns to London to find his perfect woman waiting to be enticed.

Warning – this book has steamy language and sex scenes and is intended for adults 18+over. If you love strong women making it on their own and alpha males who will stop at nothing to claim and protect them, this story is for you!