About The Author

Family legend says I was telling stories to my stuffed animals and dolls as soon as I started talking. And I started talking early! From toys to little brothers, I created adventures in my mind. Using every toy, building block and even empty boxes, my brothers and I would turn our bedrooms into the worlds in our stories or what I was learning in school – imagine the dinosaurs we tried to make with legos! I read everything I could get my hands on – nothing was safe from my sponge-like mind as I tried to soak everything in. I’m a third generation military brat so family was everywhere and packing up and moving every couple years was something I thought everyone did. That might be one reason I lived so much in my head!

In seventh grade I started putting pen to paper with what is now called ‘fan fiction’. Everything was fair game to put a spin on – from The Sound of Music to Battlestar Galactica. My English and history teachers encouraged me, but math and science ones rolled their eyes when they read my notebooks because sometimes story bits turned up in the midst of equations. Oops!

Fast forward through college, please – it was a daze as I had no idea what I was doing or what direction to go. Enlisting in the Air Force was an eye-opener in so many ways. Story telling took a backseat in my twenties as I dealt with real-life – briefly becoming a wife, then focusing on being a single mother to three very active sons. Those sons reactivated the stories and I would spin them stories, about three brothers who could travel through time. Being a single mother left little time for writing but my sons knew my dreams and as they got older, they became used to seeing me with a notebook on my lap and a pen in my hand. My oldest put it out there – Mom, you’re encouraging us to follow and live our dreams. It’s about time you did the same thing.

So, I started. My first submissions didn’t go anywhere but I learned, researched and continued to send my stories. A mentor at work found out and encouraged me as she does to this day. I stumbled upon a communication board on Amazon (when they had them) and found my first writing mentor. Kathleen Lipps and Tymber Dalton, you are absolutely amazing!! Love you both! <3

Then, while working on a project for The Wild Rose Press, I had a dream that woke me up. Compelled, I stumbled to the computer at 2 in the morning. I don’t remember sending it – can only imagine what Angela thought of it, but I received a reply as I drank coffee – drop the other one and do this. ‘This’ became my first published work – 5 March 2009.

I’ve two series in the works. The Order of the Rose is historical romance about a secret society that stands against an ancient enemy that wants control of church and state, thought and deed. Beginning in the reign of Elizabeth Tudor with The Hidden Rose, the next six stories are outlined and will take you through Europe as the Roses love and fight their way to survive. Love in the Shadows, erotic romance, is about members of the Shadows Club – men and women who learn to express all the ways of love. This series takes my first several books, and many others, organizing and rebooting into a cohesive collection. The First Connection is available as a free novella and the next two – The Submissive’s Touch (previously The Master’s Choice) and Fall of Adonis are complete, with the next two frantic to be written.

Ten years an author! There were still halts and sprints as life has a way of grabbing hold of you. A couple years ago, I refocused on writing and let the stories start moving again. There are still a few fits and sputters, but I’m learning to work through them.  My sons grew up and started their own lives, living their own dreams. Now, I’m focused on mine. Now, I’m about to burst through and fly. Come along for the adventures!